Company Concept:
SAFETY and THE HIGHEST QUALITY are our fundamental criteria.
Permanent make-up leaves no room for compromises.Permanent make-up is a great responsibility,
We are constantly looking for even better solutions about Permanent make-up. Guangzhou Shangpinjiayuan Commerce And Trade Co., LTD. is a professional brand customized service, which has a group of dynamic and creative brand customization service team.
Excellent product quality, innovative and connotative product design, attractive advertising design services, innovative marketing planning services, etc.These factors make us in the fierce competition in the industry has maintained a leading position.
We have provided brand customization service for hundreds of brands successively, which has been widely praised by customers.
For the semi permanent industry, the company will introduce new products on a regular basis on a rich range of products.
The company's product range is complete, rich variety, covering the permanent makeup pigments, permanent makeup machine, permanent makeup auxliary & repair products,and so on. At the same time, there will be personalized for customers who need to provide exclusive R & D varieties.
At present, the company has independently developed the brand "AIMOOSI" and "BORALA". Thanks to our experience, AIMOOSI has a reputation for reliability and the highest quality. Each of our satisfied clients is our best recommendation.